What exactly is Website Localization?

Website localization is the process through which a website is adapted to make it linguistically and culturally suitable to a target market. For this process to be effective, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the linguistic and cultural elements of a region or country. If this input is incorrect or missing, the website will not be properly localized. Here are some examples of the types of cultural differences that may make or break your website.

Did you know that online, people are 3 times more likely to buy if the
website offering products or services is in their own language?

What can localization do for my business?

The professional localization of your website will allow you to reach new markets and target new customers more effectively. As potential clients browse your site, and they see that you took the trouble to communicate with them in their own language, they’ll be more open to do business with you. All of the information they need will be presented in their own language, in easy to understand terms. Showing that you are sensitive to their culture will give you credibility, and you’ll earn your new clients’ trust and respect.

Thai Certified Translator holding official documents.

Why can’t I just use machine translation or translation software?

Machine translation is useful for those who seek to comprehend something that was originally written in a foreign language, but it by no means produces a polished, professional-looking translation. In fact, translating your website with free translation software is detrimental to your business; it will impact negatively on your image, thus making your business suffer for it. Why would you take this risk? The money you save by using free translation software will, in all

likelihood, be lost when you have to pay someone to “fix” your messy translation. Moreover, machine translation is not sensitive to cultural differences, thus placing you at risk of offending potential clients.

CommBridge® Translations provides the translation and localization services you need to move forward into new target markets and grow your business.

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