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“We have relied upon CommBridge as our expert, trusted translation provider since 2009. During that time, Scentsy has grown from a national to an international company, and our translation needs have changed and grown increasingly complex. CommBridge has adapted along with us and has played a critical role in our successful international and multicultural expansion.”
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Project Manager, Scentsy, Inc.
“Everyone at CommBridge is very professional, flexible and do excellent work. Our company used their services many times. So far we have had translations in Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, and Somali. The translations have been double checked by native speaking customers and they have confirmed they did a good job. I would definitely recommend their services.”
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Owner, CoinMeter Co.
Thank you for the quick turnaround time on all of our translations… we greatly appreciate it! As always, you guys are fabulous. It's a pleasure to work with people like you.”
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Marketing Director, FHTM
“The team at CommBridge Translations provides fast, reliable service. They really take the time to learn about your project to ensure they are giving the best customer service. I am very impressed with their commitment to their customers.”
CommBridge Client Testimonials 3
"THANK YOU for always giving great advice when it comes to reaching our clients in their own language. Your translators are the best!"
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Danny, OneGuard Home Warranties
“Josefina dedicated her life to perfect her translation services and will not accept other than world-class quality on [CommBridge translators'] work.”
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