Interpretation Services

CommBridge® Translations is a translation and interpretation company offering on-site interpretation services in more than 75 languages throughout the United States.

Our professional and certified interpreters have been carefully selected based on educational background, years of training, and experience. Depending on their area of expertise, they hold current Medical and/or Court Interpreter Certifications.

CommBridge provides nationwide on-site interpreting services in more than 75 languages.

Chinese interpreter translating for a business meeting in Jacksonville, Florida.

Modes of Interpretation:

• Consecutive Interpreting: the language interpreter renders the message once the speaker has paused.

• Simultaneous Interpreting: the interpreter renders the message as the speaker is speaking.

• Whispering: the interpreter whispers the message to a small audience in a simultaneous manner.

Types of Interpretation:

• Conference Interpreting: takes place in a conference environment in a consecutive or simultaneous manner.

• Legal Interpreting: takes place in courts, administrative tribunals, county jails, law offices, etc. Depending on the occasion, it may be performed consecutively or simultaneously.

• Medical Interpreting: usually takes place at a hospital, clinic, or doctors’ offices. The interpreter serves as a liaison between a medical caregiver and a patient and/or family members.

• Escort / Liaison Interpreting: the interpreter escorts a person or a group of people on business or pleasure trips, meetings, shows, interviews, etc.

• Sign language Interpreting: takes places in all modes and types described above.

• Conference Interpreting by Professional Conference Interpreters
• Medical Interpreting by Certified Medical Interpreters
• Legal Interpreting by Certified Court Interpreters
• Escort Interpreting by Experienced Escort Interpreters
• Sign Language Interpreting by Certified ASL Interpreters

Interpretation services rates vary depending on language combination, level of expertise in a particular subject, and the amount of hours per days the interpreter is required. Travel fees may apply.

Request our professional interpretation services for:

• Business Meetings
• Conventions
• Depositions
• Employee Interviews
• Court Hearings
• Medical Appointments
• Phone Calls
• Recorded Statements
• Trainings
• USCIS immigration appointments
• And other events