Our translation process includes the editing and proofreading of your documents by a second linguist at no additional cost.

However, we can also review translations provided by other sources- a translation agency, a freelance translator, a member of your staff or a friend. Our professional editor and proofreaders will ensure that you obtain the most linguistically and grammatically correct translation possible.

Although the terms are usually used interchangeably, keep in mind that editing and proofreading are two different things that involve a different process and different techniques.

Editing Services

Editing services involve an in-depth review of the translated text by comparing a translation with its original text. In the process, we check for accuracy, potential cultural problems, consistency, vocabulary, and style.

We also check for spelling, grammar, and make sure that nothing has been omitted, may be ambiguous or may lead to misunderstanding in the translation. We verify tables, figures, numbers, names, abbreviations, spacing, metric conversions, etc. An editor may also suggest changes to improve the text.

Proofreading Services Unlike editing, proofreading services are performed by reading and analyzing the translation by itself. The proofreader will check for analysis of content, organization, coherence, tone, and style of text, as well as spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization errors.

Sworn translator certifying a translation for CommBridge Translations

Some of our past and present projects include:

Businesses: editing and/or proofreading of reports, memos, manuals, marketing materials, press releases, and other business documents

Student or academic: editing and/or proofreading of essays, term papers, dissertations or journal articles, and admissions essays or proposals.

Authors:  editing and/or proofreading of books, short stories, plays, screenplays or poetry, or other manuscript services.

Personal documents: editing and/or proofreading of resumes, letters, e-mails, or other materials.


Unfortunately, spell check can only help you eliminate obvious errors. However, spell check does not know the difference between to and tooits and it’sthere and theirwood and would because it does not take context into account, it cannot tell whether your tone should be formal or informal, it doesn’t know when you’ve wondered off from your point, etc.

Not at all. In fact, one of the reasons you might want to use editing services is to have a linguist adapt the already translated text to a particular local market. There’s no need to spend twice on translation.

Prices vary according to language combination, length of the project, and time allowed.

Yes, we do provide certified translations. All of our translators have a B.A. in Translation, Linguists or related fields and/or have been certified by the American Translators Association. In addition, they have undergone extensive training and hold current certifications.