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Cultural Consulting

Understanding the need to become aware and to be sensitive to cultural differences is a key factor while dealing with translations. To be succesful in your marketing efforts whie trying to sell your products or services in a new market, you need to keep in mind that what works in one culture may not work -or even inappropriate -in another culture.


In order to reach your potential customers you need to speak their language. Did you know that people are 3 times more likely to buy if your marketing efforts are in their own language? But, that is not all! You also need to understand the cultural, political, linguistic and social aspects of your targeted market.Did you know, for instance, that in Mexico it is considered rude to send an invitation to an event that includes the time the event ends? Your guests will likely be offended and might even not attend your party! Or, did you know that in Japan the color white represents mourning? And, keep in mind that the brochure that works in the U.S. might not be successful in conveying your message in a foreign market.

There are several examples of businesses not succeeding because of their lack of awareness of cultural differences.

It is estimated that more than half of all international business expansions fail within two or three years because of lack of cultural competency.

While expanding your business to new markets, you might need to adapt the strategy of your communication. At CommBridge Language Services we’re committed to contribute to the success of your business. We will help you bring your message across in a culturally and linguistically proper way.

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